SeaHunter is the newest member of Griffon’s Outlaw family of UAVs. It is designed as a cost effective, reliable UAV platform for ISR missions, system test, R&D, and payload development. Outlaws are used extensively by the military and research agencies worldwide for training, test, data collection, and system development. Our customers asked for more volume, payload, endurance, and electrical power, SeaHunter is Griffon’s answer to their requests. In the 250-300 lb maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) class, SeaHunter is unique by offering redundant controls and engines. Now customers with payloads many times the value of the airframe have a backup engine to get their aircraft home. But the twin engines also offer up to 2,000W of on-board electrical power for emerging small, but power-dependent, payloads. Wing and fuselage hardpoints allow ease of mounting external payload pods via pylons. Documentation typically required for operations within restricted airspace or far out to sea is available for range control. Griffon’s customer base is broad and diverse, consequently SeaHunter is optimized for versatility and toughness. SeaHunter – a flexible, tactical-class UAV workhourse. We will work with you to configure your SeaHunter to ideally match your mission.