The Outlaw “G2” is the newest of the Outlaw family. The “G2″ uses the same reliable engine, radio and autopilot control systems, servos, and other key components all integrated into a larger fuselage and structurally superior wing. These enhancements include a 50% increase in payload area , twice the endurance, added maneuverability and a top speed increase of 20%. The”G2” has planned upgrades including a landing gear and steerable nose gear, a longer wing that is flap actuated, easy to add fuel bays, and an on-board alternator. The “G2” can also be provide in carbon fiber.   The “G2” was designed with all our customers in mind. A reliable low-cost target vehicle with an enhanced visual signature and increased hit area and a low cost payload developer platform with more endurance and payload size, weight and power.