Outlaw Launcher Equipment

Reliable Launch Performance

The Outlaw launcher is easily transported to the mission site and once on-site is easily moved manually or can be towed to a more remote location. The launcher can be assembled and emplaced in 15-20 minutes and can be recycled for the next launch in less than 5 minutes.  The launcher is simple in construction and operation. The launch event is easily controlled through a foot petal controller.

BroadSword Launcher

The very capable BroadSword launcher moves the  550 pound gross weight BroadSword from zero to 60 in 0.2 seconds. Like the smaller outlaw launcher the broadsword launcher is pneumatic feeding high pressure air to a large accumulator and uses a foot petal for launch control. The significant difference is that the BroadSword Launcher has two heavy duty dampers that stop the piston at the end of the launcher.

Manual Ground Station

The Griffon Manual Control System is a line-of-sight control system designed and manufactured by Griffon Aerospace. The MCS 400 utilizes a COTS Futaba T10CAP controller to send commands to the  air vehicle. The commands are eventually amplified and transmitted through Griffons RFD on military frequencies between 360-400 MHz. The MCS 400 is capable of transmitting at up to 10 Watts providing over 25 miles of operational range.

Autopilot Ground Station

Provides 25-30 miles of range

The suitcase sized Autopilot Ground Control Station (GCS) can be set-up in 30 minutes. The dual frequency GCS is customized for Griffon Aerospace by Cloud Cap Technologies using JF-12 approved  military transmitter. Griffon’s GCS configuration uses two GCSs operating on independent frequency bands. The standard GCS has 25-30 miles of operating range and can provide virtually unlimited range with our the Satellite Control System.

Satellite Ground Station

SATCOM offers unlimited range

Our Iridium based satellite communications (SATCOM) system allows our air vehicles to operate at extended ranges. The Autopilot GCS is fully integrated to accept the SATCOM option and the on-board Autopilot System is similarly designed with the SATCOM option. Our operation routinely use this capability for lang range operations particularly at sea.

Scoring Ground Station

Acoustic and Radar Scoring Systems

The Griffon offers both a Radar and Acoustic Scoring System. These systems use application software that runs on a commercial laptop. The laptop is connected to a receiver that collects the data from an transmitter on board the Air Vehicle that monitors the acoustic or radar sensors. Although typically used for evaluating miss distance from gunnery systems, the system can be configured to determine missile miss distance.


Griffon has a large fleet of F-450 Ford crew cab Trucks fully equipped with a large van body. A typical mission configuration is a loaded van body and loaded 28 foot trailer. The configuration can carry around 40 RPVTs with all required Ground Support Equipment (GSE). Our drivers and fleet are DOT licensed meeting all required Federal Transportation regulations.

Site Support Equipment

Griffon offers a full range of Site Support Equipment for handling and launching unmanned systems. These systems are all designed and manufactured at Griffon. In the provided picture, Griffon Field Operations personnel are loading the 600 pound gross weight BroadSword onto a road dolly (or trailer) also made by Griffon using a Griffon Lift Dolly.