Structural Design, Analysis, & Test – Finite Element Modeling to aid in the design of structural components. Buckling analysis, modal analysis, and non-linear solutions are a few examples of FEM uses within Scaled. FEM is used in conjunction with other design software and hand calculations to provide very reliable structural designs. Our modeling techniques have been extensively validated through test results of small and large scale structures. Griffon’s capabilities in advanced composite structures includes a decade long effort R&D effort with Northrop Grumman and NASA proving the viability of large out-of-autoclave  composite structures for use on next generation NASA spacecraft. Griffon is similarly experienced in the design and integration of aircraft systems. Such as landing gear and braking systems designed and fabricated in-house,  integrated of single and twin engine configurations. Our expertise also includes system components such as flight controls, hydraulics, fuel, avionics, and electrical systems successfully integrated into over 3600 Griffon air vehicles. We have also been involved with parachute recovery systems and other specialty systemsGriffon is experienced at the design and fabrication of structural test fixtures and at test execution.