Outlaw SeaHunter

A Flexible, Tactical-class UAV Workhorse

SeaHunter is the newest member of Griffon’s Outlaw family of UAVs. It is designed as a cost effective, reliable UAV platform for ISR missions, system test, R&D, and payload development. Our customers asked for more volume, payload, endurance, and electrical power, SeaHunter is Griffon’s answer to their requests. In the 250-300 lb maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) class, SeaHunter is unique by offering redundant controls and engines.

Outlaw “G2”

High Performance

The Outlaw “G2” is the newest of the Outlaw family. The “G2” uses the same reliable engine, radio and autopilot control systems, servos, and other key components all integrated into a larger fuselage and structurally superior wing. These enhancements include a 50% increase in payload area , twice the endurance, added maneuverability and a top speed increase of 20%.


A low-cost, proven UAS platform with extensive operational experience worldwide.

The Army’s MQM-170A is based on the Outlaw Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) developed by Griffon and currently in production. The aircraft offers a tough, low-cost, proven platform with extensive operational experience worldwide. The aircraft’s shape and materials yield low radar observability characteristics.


Outlaw's much bigger brother.

The Broadsword UAS is a much larger derivative of the MQM-170A Outlaw aircraft. The Broadsword is a 400-500 lb gross weight aircraft in contrast to the Outlaw which is a 120 lb gross vehicle. The aircraft is designed as a low observable, inexpensive airframe for use as an observation platform or a test/development vehicle for sensors and new propulsion systems. Broadsword is a large capable aircraft ideal for emerging sensor or payload development missions.


Lionheart is a modern derivative of the "Learjet of the 30's," the Staggerwing Beech.

Developed for flying enthusiasts as a “kit” aircraft and designed to make the building process pleasant, fun, and memorable, the Lionheart is an elegant and spirited, 220+ mph, six place, long-distance cruiser. Its design is inspired by the classic Beech Staggerwing and features a fuel capacity of 180 gallons with a range of around 1450nm, payload around 2,000 pounds, and stall characteristics in the mid-fifty knot range.