Griffon Aerospace Starts Production of Outlaw G2

Completing qualification of the Outlaw G2 with the US Army in November 2012, Griffon immediately began production of the Outlaw G2 aircraft in December 2012. “The G2 has been a culmination of our last 9 years of production and flight operations experience” said Griffon Aerospace CEO Larry French. The G2 Outlaw will be a core product for Griffon’s high volume target customers, but the basic air frame design now supports a number key high performance options including high speed options and ability to provide replication of foreign threats that use a  high-dive profile for SEAD missions. Larry French further discussed that how the G2 Outlaw will complement their new low cost UAV line  “After producing close to 3500 air vehicles we understand volume is the key to our low cost advantage, so our high volume G2 target air vehicle will share tooling and process with our low cost UAV line”.

“The current price point of composite replacement parts on DOD Programs-of-Record is badly misaligned with any similar commercial market” says French. “We see an opportunity to adjust those price points both in low and high volume” continued French. The new high wing G2 UAV line uses traditional rib and spar wing construction with full control surfaces and the fuel and payload areas have been greatly expanded to cover a wide performance area in the traditional group 3 UAV category. Griffon will be unveiling a new Twin engine aircraft at the AUVSI in August 2013.